Ryuji Sugiura


2019年よりオランダへと渡り、「Loople Amsterdam」の立ち上げに携わり、活躍の場を世界へと広げている。
Involved in coaching and training junior Olympic athletes as a swimming coach.
 After obtaining an acupuncturist license, he worked as a therapist and served as a dedicated trainer for the Fujitsu track and field department for 12 years.
 The clinic offers a wide range of care from top athletes, including Olympic swimmers and professional golfers, and he is good at teaching highly specialized training as well as treatment.
 In 2019, he moved to the Netherlands and was involved in the launch of “Loople Amsterdam”.

Naruki Matsuzawa

Acupuncturist / Anma Massage Shiatsu / Judo Therapist
He has been doing Karate since childhood and has participated in various games such as Inter-High school championships and national sports, and has won prizes.
 During his student days, he had an experience that improved pain and injury through acupuncture and massage, and was determined to move on to the path of the therapist, attracted by its appeal.
 While gaining experience at relaxation salons, osteopaths, and acupuncture massage treatment clinics, he is instructing karate dojos, as well as treating dojo students, exercise guidance, and body care.
 Aiming to be a safe and reliable therapist that can handle the problems of more people, from athletes to young and old.

Takahiro Iwai

Acupuncturist / Anma Massage Shiatsu / Judo Therapist
整骨院・整形外科・鍼灸マッサージ院にて、多くの臨床経験を積む。 また、複数の治療院開業やリニューアルに携わり、実績を残す。 
その後、カナダ・トロントへ渡り、現地での臨床経験にて、日本の治療技術の高さ、人との繋がりやコミュニケーションの重要さを感じたことが、現在の治療方針に繋がっている。 自らのダンサーとしての経験から、舞台・公演・コンサート等への帯同も精力的に行っている。 治療以外でも、業界全体の技術向上・環境整備にむけて、活躍の場を広げている。
He gained many clinical experiences at osteopathic clinics, orthopedics, and acupuncture massage clinics. In addition, he is involved in the opening and renewal of several clinics and has a track record.
 After that, I moved to Toronto, Canada, and I felt the importance of Japanese treatment technology, human connection and communication through local clinical experience. From his own experience as a dancer, he is also energetically involved in stage, performance and concerts. In addition to medical treatment, we are expanding the field of activity to improve the technology and environment of the industry as a whole.

Shun Watanabe

Acupuncturist / Anma Massage Shiatsu / Judo Therapist

柔道整復、鍼灸マッサージ免許を取得。大手リラクゼーション店にてマネージャーを経験。 米国公認DCのカイロプラクティック治療院にて技術を学び、 人柄と技術の評価を受け、その後整骨院を開業し院長を務める。またオーストラリア シドニーの鍼灸マッサージ院に2年間従事する。 自らの器械体操やダンスの経験を生かし、繊細な身体感覚にも精通する。 
現在は、アムステルダムに活動の場を移し、 日本と海外を繋ぐ活動を積極的に行っている。
Obtained judo reduction and acupuncture massage license. Experienced a manager at a major relaxation store. Studied technology at chiropractic clinic, received personality and skill evaluation, then opened osteopathic clinic and served as director. Using his own instrumental exercises and dance experience, he is also familiar with delicate body sensations. Currently, he has moved to Amsterdam and is actively working to connect Japan and overseas.